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window treatment ideas Albertson, NY

Benches are a beautiful and flexible decorating choice

Benches are just about the most flexible and functional pieces of furniture you can purchase!
Benches come in most any style from rustic to high tech. Materials range from wood to metal to upholstered fabric. For a unique look, have a bench made from recycled barn wood or purchase a used church pew! Two or three small benches can be put together to make a long shape – or separated for flexible placement in a room.

Textures add a sense of touch to your decorating plans

Textures are a nice touch in an interior design scheme. They can caress your skin or stimulate the senses with a bit of roughness. Whether the textures you add are soft or hard, dense or airy, pliable or firm, they will add interest and engagement to your décor.

Bright colors will energize your interior design plans

Add bright color to your interior design plan to create excitement in your décor and express your personality!
Bright colors tend to make people feel energetic, so use them in moderation and in the rooms where you want to feel spirited and lively. Be cautious about using too much bright color; it can make a room chaotic, especially when the colors are in bold patterns.

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