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Chair Re-Upholstery In New York
Chair Upholstery Services In Albertson, NY

Is your furniture looking a little under the weather?
Better Than New! Our Furniture Re-upholstery Service

Sometimes you love your furniture to death. Constant use accumulates many stresses and tears over the years until one day there’s a seeming final rip in the upholstery, a spring pops out, and/or the foam in the cushions is shot. But if it’s a sentimentally valuable part of your home or even heirloom quality, fear not. Our store’s expertise in fabric and other craftsmanship extends to our awesome re-upholstery service! That’s right: our artisans will use their keen eye and hand to bring your favorite old chair or sofa back to life, even when it seems impossible! Enjoy renewed comfort and know that not only did you save your furniture but you also saved money by coming here and getting the job done right the first time.

Why a Re-upholstery Service Rather Than Buying New?

Why use our re-upholstery service instead of buying new? There is sentimental value of course. Perhaps you know from shopping around that your old pieces just felt sturdier than the new imported stuff in the stores. Or your favorite piece features a certain style from a bygone era that’s impossible to replace, no matter the monetary value. It can also be a tradeoff. Sure, you could save a few dollars by buying a new dining room side chair rather than replace the one you inherited, but you’ll pay for it a couple of years down the line when the newer piece gives out on you. Invest in quality. Come to our experts.

Our Re-upholstery Service Always Goes Above and Beyond

Our re-upholstery service crew knows the ins and outs of furniture manufacture and upholstery such as the short cuts often taken to save time and money. That’s why we don’t just make your furniture presentable. Working on the piece’s frame, springs, webbing, and fabric, we correct it to make it good as new or even better. We offer a large selection of fabrics or can upholster your item with your own. The re-upholstery process will enable you to select just the right fabric you want that will fit your design and decor scheme.

To save or renew YOUR favorite piece of furniture, come to Nassau County’s premier re-upholstery service, only at our Albertson, NY window treatment store. And be sure to ask about our FREE pickup and delivery!

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